A surprising new way to discover and visit Rome.

WalkExperience is not just a friend. It is your friend. This friend who lives in the city you are about to visit and that you would like to meet once you arrive there. With WalkExperience you will have a true insider friend who will take your hand and who will guide you step by step throughout the city.  And as any real friend, he will also point out the best and most secret spots around town.

“As your Roman friend, I’ll take you by the hand, at your pace, and together we will discover the most beautiful parts of the city. I will be telling you secrets, mysteries and centuries of History and art in the Eternal City. You will enjoy Rome and its treasures by walking through fascinating promenades, hidden passages and courtyards that only a true Roman knows. The only thing you have to do is to listen to me and to follow my instructions over a pleasant melody. Do not worry, you will never lose your way with me and you will never have to stop to ask for directions. In my company,  your eyes will always be gazing at the beauty of Rome, and  the only time you will look down, it will be to smell a delicious dish served in a hidden restaurant located along our path or in the surrounding area. These restaurants and food shops are the places where I personally  go to, so, like friends do, there will only be a few addresses, yet always genuine and good. You can choose one out of a list of walks and get ready to experience Rome with a local! Art, History, mystery, legends and amazing food tips from somebody who really knows the city. This is Walk-Experience.”